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Foster a Dog

What is Fostering?

  1. What Is Fostering?

    • Animal fostering involves temporarily caring for an animal in your home until they find a permanent adoptive family.

    • Fosters provide a safe and loving environment for animals who may be recovering from illness, trauma, or simply need a break from shelter life.

  2. Why Foster?

    • Saving Lives: By fostering, you directly contribute to saving lives. Shelters often have limited space, and fostering opens up spots for other animals in need.

    • Behavioral Rehabilitation: Some animals need extra attention to build trust, overcome fears, or learn social skills. Fostering helps them become more adoptable.

    • Medical Recovery: Sick or injured animals benefit from a quiet home environment during their recovery.

    • Socialization: Fostering helps animals become comfortable around people, other pets, and various situations.

  3. Types of Fostering:

    • Emergency Fostering: Providing immediate shelter for animals rescued from dangerous situations.

    • Short-Term Fostering: Taking care of animals for a few weeks to a few months.

    • Long-Term Fostering: Providing care for animals with chronic medical conditions or behavioral challenges.

  4. Responsibilities of a Foster:

    • Basic Care: Feeding, grooming, and ensuring the animal’s well-being.

    • Socialization: Interacting with the animal, playing, and helping them adjust.

    • Medical Care: Administering medications if needed.

    • Transport: Taking the animal to vet appointments or adoption events.

    • Updates: Providing information to the rescue organization about the animal’s progress.

  5. Benefits of Fostering:

    • Personal Fulfillment: Knowing you’re making a difference.

    • Learning Experience: Understanding different animal personalities and needs.

    • Temporary Commitment: Fostering allows you to help without a lifelong commitment.

    • We provide everything you need from food, crates, toys etc. There is absolutely no cost to fostering.

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